Adoptive "parents" will be asked to sign a contract at the time they reserve their puppy:

1.        Buyer’s $100 cash nonrefundable deposit holds pick of male/female puppy, born Nov 10, 2012.  Description: ____________________________________________________________________________
2.        The balance of $_________ cash is due at pick up between January 24 and February 10, 2013.

3.        If the buyer has not picked up the aforementioned puppy and paid the cash balance before February 11, 2013, the puppy will be again placed for sale. Buyer will forfeit all rights and deposit monies related to the puppy, unless prior arrangements have been made.

4.        Buyer will receive puppy from breeder in healthy condition.  Puppy will have received its first and second shots and will be accompanied by a health, vaccination, and worming record and a food sample.  Buyer may, at his option, have a veterinary exam within 24 hours of purchase to verify the health of the animal.  If a veterinarian finds that the puppy is ill, or suffering from any life-threatening congenital defects, buyer may return the puppy to the breeder for a refund of the purchase price less deposit.

5.         Breeder will provide telephone support for behavioral concerns for the life of the dog. 

6.        Buyer will provide the puppy with food, shelter, routine veterinary and preventative care, and appropriate socialization and training.

7.        If at any time in the life of this puppy, the buyer is unable to continue to care for this puppy due to buyer’s health, moving, job loss or any other reason, the buyer understands that this animal is not to be euthanized, surrendered to any shelter, pound, breeding program, puppy mill, or rescue.   If the buyer is unable to care for this puppy and cannot find a suitable adoptive home, the buyer agrees to return the puppy to the breeder.  There will be no refunds in whole or in part for any puppy that is returned to the breeder for any reason.

8.        It is strongly encouraged that the buyer will spay or neuter their puppy to prevent reproductive health concerns.  However, if the buyer chooses not to spay/neuter, buyer accepts lifetime responsibility for any and all offspring produced by this dog.

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