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I am a hobby breeder of Shorkies.  I live in the beautiful Tooele Valley, UT with my husband and three children, and our three dogs, Sadie, Zen, and Starsza.

 My dogs live in my home and participate with my family, they are our friends and companions.  I am passionate about improving the quality of companion animals available, and I try to ensure that only the best quality dogs come out of my home.  I believe this is important because when you bring a little animal into your life, you want it to be your companion for a long, long time.  You want a puppy that will be healthy and trainable, and you want to know what to do to take care of it so that both you and the animal will be happy, engaged, and learning all the time.

I believe in:

-Providing lifetime behavioral support.  If you are experiencing a problem with a puppy you adopted from me, I am willing to help you learn to understand your dog and how to correct this problem.  So many times people respond to dogs like they are children or infants, and accidentally reinforce the behaviors they are trying to curtail. I can help you learn to understand your dog and how to teach him to behave appropriately.

-Ensuring that no puppy that comes out of my home is surrendered to a pound, shelter, rescue, or puppy mill, ever.  This means if a situation arises where you cannot care for a dog you have adopted from me, and you cannot find a suitable replacement family for him or her, I will always take the animal back.

-Giving our puppies the BEST quality care.  This means mom is on a healthy, top-rated dog food at all times, supplemented as necessary for her extra needs while pregnant and nursing.  When the puppies are weaned, they are also fed top quality food.   We de-worm with diatomaceous earth, for the health and safety of our dogs.  We weigh the pups daily to make sure they are growing and thriving.

-Developing our dogs neurologically, mentally, and emotionally.  We use the Military's Bio Sensor program to prep them for being trainable, resilient, and adaptive.  We introduce our puppies to a variety of people, situations, toys, and environments so they will be well socialized and engaged in their environments.  Of course, we also give them lots of love.

Jennifer Lords

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